Angela – A path to wellness with Pilates (2nd Session)

A Path to Wellness

In this weeks blog, Angela discusses the patterns she sees in her body, as she breaks down old ones and begins to build new healthy movements. 

Blog #3 – 2nd Session

Patterns are predictable, cyclic occurrences found in nature. I know that every time the temperature warms in the prairies, the lilacs are going to blossom, then the daisies, followed by iris’s and so on. These flowers are pleasing to my senses as each new blossom reminds me of aspects of time, growth, and awakens a pleasant nostalgia in me of seasons passed. Some patterns, however, don’t seem quite so pleasant. Some bring up unpleasant memories, create tension in the same places again and again, but if we listen, they can show us where we’re stuck, and we can learn to release.

Today was my second private session at Saskatoon Pilates with Kathy Bond. She asked me upon my arrival what I noticed after last weeks session. I was happy to report that the pain in my neck and torso had vanished for 2 days post session, but I had some pain in my knee the day after which lasted until the next morning. My pain in my abdomen and thoracic spine did come back towards the end of the week but I couldn’t believe I was pain free for a few days. I asked Kathy to teach me how to correct myself in a standing posture. I constantly shift and adjust but am never sure if I am doing it correctly. She directed me to look in the mirror and stand how I normally would. Everything I thought I was doing right was wrong it turns out! Good to know! (I had a hunch). As Kathy corrected my body, she showed me how to do so myself, explaining each dysfunction she found along the way and how to correct them with various exercises. After each exercise, Kathy always asks me to move around and notice how I feel. Right after putting my body through corrective movement, I usually feel a bit dizzy and odd as my brain catches up to this new movement pattern and processes the release it just went through. I feel fine and more aligned each time shortly after.

Why do you have valgus knees? Kathy asked rhetorically. Were you born with them? Was your body trying to protect something and shifted that way over time? Patterns, I thought to myself. Throughout my growth, I was unaware of movements I was making that were not allowing my body to function as well as it should. I pushed myself and tried to correct myself without understanding how, afraid to create more pain and new injuries, all the while unable to relax because I didn’t have a shift in my awareness yet to create new patterns. There is a lot of value in having a personal guide (and the right one) to help make these important changes. When stuck in old energies, how can one see the new until the old is cleared? And how do you clear when you haven’t yet learned how to make room for the new? Don’t get me wrong, this is not the first time I have sought help for my musculoskeletal issues. I have tried multiple different types of therapies and practices over the years. Some helped temporarily while some made things worse.

I left the studio pain free. My usual urge to adjust myself when standing and walking was gone as there was a new sense of alignment. My breathing felt a bit deeper throughout the day, and overall, I was more relaxed. I believe that through these classes, I am propelling forward into new patterns. The knowledge I am gaining about how to let go of what I was holding onto and how incorrect movements explain the pain makes my healing process feel a lot less overwhelming than it did before. Maybe correcting these long-term dysfunctional patterns is achievable after all. Maybe they are growing pains and with a little help, I can reach a little further each time than I ever thought possible.

DerrickAngela – A path to wellness with Pilates (2nd Session)