Policies and Procedures

General Policies and Procedures

  • Prepay fees to hold a space in the class or session
  • Phone the studio if missing class
  • Turn off cellular phones while in the studio
  • Do not leave valuables in the change room or foyer
  • Advise the instructor of any changes in your physical status
  • Leave outside footwear in the foyer
  • Determining class placement of all clients is at the discretion of the teacher and director
  • Schedule visitors by appointment only

Mat Class Protocol

  • Cancel classes with fewer than 6 participants and move clients into other scheduled classes
  • Allow mat clients to make up missed classes within their registered session
  • Clean the mats after use

Equipment Protocol

  • Wait in the lower foyer area until called by the teacher
  • Phone the studio if unable to make Master Time, unless it is prior to 9 a.m., then phone the instructor
  • All bookings scheduled through the office, NOT the teacher.
  • Give 24 hours notice of cancellation. If no notice is received clients may be charged full price for the missed session. Emergency situations will be given one opportunity for re-scheduling.
  • Clean the equipment after use.
KathyPolicies and Procedures