Angela – a path to wellness with Pilates (3rd and 4th sessions)

In this post, Angela talks about how far she’s come, and the patience required in healing after holding injuries for years.

Blog – 3rd and 4th sessions

This entry comes after my last two private classes at Saskatoon Pilates. Over the past few weeks I have had a huge improvement in my neck which is feeling very close to normal now. It has been about six months since it has felt that way. The pain in my mid back and side has also improved with many good days and still some not so good days. I have been pondering a lot about patience lately. It’s so easy to grasp to hope that my best body is so close around the corner, but healing is constant. The process of repair from years of issues takes work. It takes consistency and practice. It takes reintroducing those new patterns over and over until they stick. When they stick, it takes maintenance. Whatever it takes, it does not take a magic pill. There is no quick corner.

When I told Kathy about my mix of good and bad days, she said that the body wants to go back to what it knows. Every class I have had so far leaves me feeling amazing, then the same issues come back to some degree a day or two later. This is where consistency comes in. If something is introduced over and over, eventually the body will come to know this too. It is important to release what has created repetitive tension and practice proper biomechanics. The more patience involved in this process the better as a relaxed mind and body is a breeding ground for repair.

Something I have really appreciated in Kathy’s teachings is how she gives visuals along with explanations about how our bodies work. She shows pictures of what is happening inside my body and relates it to my problem areas. I am a very visual person, so this brings my experience to a new level. Everything that has been such a mystery to me starts making so much more sense in these classes. I have shifted my question of “why is this happening to me”, as I have been told so many times that I am too young to be experiencing what I am, to “How does this muscle work and release and correspond to other parts of my body”, and feel more like a human body that is finally receiving the proper help that it needs instead of a flawed body because of my age and pain level.

The last session with Kathy was a very profound one. I usually tense up when leaning forward as I have been unable, or thought I was unable, to do so for some time. I went through a period where I was only able to bend to one side. If I dropped something on the floor it felt extremely daunting. Kathy had me lean forward onto a prop while holding my ribs for support. I then did so on my own, and then without a prop. I made it almost completely to the ground without pain or tensing up. Each class shows me how much further I can go and gives me all the support I need to do so. I am so grateful to have found Saskatoon Pilates.

DerrickAngela – a path to wellness with Pilates (3rd and 4th sessions)