Angela – A path to wellness with Pilates (1st Session)

A Path to Wellness

In this weeks blog, Angela talks about her physical limitations, and how Pilates is helping her to move through them. Working in private sessions at Saskatoon Pilates Centre will give you the focused attention to help identify issues with functional movement and physical wellness.

Blog #2 – 1st Session

It has been one week since my assessment with Kathy. My body has been at the same pain level and level of “limitation” since then. I wouldn’t have put limitation in quotation marks had I written this before todays private lesson. I say this because the most valuable thing I took with me today was the awareness that with enough trust in my teacher and process, patience, breathing, and relaxing into my body, I can strengthen, heal, and let go of the pain and boundaries I have been holding onto as a way to protect myself. I am ready to move through the tension as I believe its only purpose is to protect old injuries that are not happening at this moment. I know flare-ups and I am not in one now. Breathe. Trust. Look straight ahead. Repeat.

Kathy corrected me as I moved through each guided exercise. She helped me build my awareness on how I held myself in ways that were feeding my injury cycle and taught me how to move so that I was not straining and using muscles that didn’t need to be used. As I moved past my bodies comfort level, she encouraged me to keep going, up until she could see my current limits. I would move back to neutral, then go farther the next time, and the next…and I would be ok! Pilates is teaching my body that it can move in ways it did not think it could.

Until next week. Breathe. Trust. Look straight ahead. Repeat.

DerrickAngela – A path to wellness with Pilates (1st Session)