Angela – A path to wellness with Pilates (Consultation)

A Path to Wellness

Angela is a new client at Saskatoon Pilates Centre, who came to us after being diagnosed with multiple spinal issues. She has decided to write about her experience with our studio, and how Pilates is helping her return to a better standard of living. We are excited to share this journey with her, and to share her experiences with you.

Blog #1 – Consultation

The first time I heard about the benefits of Pilates was this past winter while I was experiencing multiple issues throughout my back and neck. A few people I knew where I was living in North Vancouver shared their experiences with me about how Pilates had helped them. I met with a physiotherapist who recommended I try Pilates after some IMS needling and light stretches to loosen up. I ended up moving back to my hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in March of 2019 to live near family while I heal as the flare-up I was in was quite extreme and I needed to go on medical leave from work. My neck and almost entire right side of my torso were in a lot of pain. I was diagnosed with six bulging discs throughout my spine, spinal cord deformity in my thoracic area, osteoarthritis in my cervical spine, muscular imbalances, and mild cervical stenosis. Now July, I am not in a flare up anymore, with my pain level down from averaging 4-10 a few months ago down to between 2-6, I have decided it’s time to give Pilates a real shot.

I googled Pilates studios in Saskatoon and was drawn to Saskatoon Pilates which is run by Kathy Bond. The reviews I read online were more than enough to entice me to give her a call and see what her instruction was all about. She was very friendly over the phone and invited me to come in for a free twenty-minute assessment.

I pulled up to the studio, nestled behind some bushes on Lorne Avenue this morning for my assessment. Kathy welcomed me as I arrive downstairs in the private/semiprivate class area. She observed me, watching how I moved normally, then taught me a few ways to sit and be more aware of my body. She seemed just as excited to teach me as I am to learn. She was genuine in her tone and body language as she expressed to me that she is passionate about helping clients such as me improve their quality of life. I am excited to embark on this journey which will start with ten private lessons, tracking my state as I go. As I went back upstairs, I turned around and noticed a sign that reads “Integrity” above the stairwell. I sense this is a true fit for this place.

DerrickAngela – A path to wellness with Pilates (Consultation)