Pilates is for men too!

Pilates is for men too!

Pilates is for men too!

In the world of fitness people tend to mentally assign genders to specific activities – spin class, yoga, and Pilates for women; boxing, weight lifting, and martial arts for men. But did you know that Joseph Pilates (the creator of Pilates) started out as a gymnast and boxer? Pilates was designed first and foremost to heal bodies and help them perform “our many and varied daily tasks with spontaneous zest and pleasure”. So why is Pilates so often associated with only female clients? Pilates is for men too!

Many male athletes have started talking about how Pilates has changed not only their workout but also their performance.

The Prime Male

Saskatoon Pilates Centre has had the pleasure of hosting Kevin Bowen of Core Dynamics Pilates, as he taught local Pilates instructors in Saskatoon about “The Prime Male” (aged 40+ men) and how to best heal common injuries and communicate with them.

Equipment Classes for Men

Our studio has also run equipment classes specifically for men at the request of current clients. We would love to host more classes like this! Classes for male clients allow us to tailor our program to your needs. Contact Us if you are interested in this type of class!

The individual matters at Saskatoon Pilates Centre, so your first class with us is always free! Contact Us to learn how you and your friends can take advantage of this great offer.

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KathyPilates is for men too!