Saskatoon Pilates Classes

Our Pilates classes offer supervision, while encouraging independence in a supportive learning environment. All physical conditioning demands continuity. This is because it is an important factor for achieving on-going progress. Two to three Pilates sessions a week are optimum for making alignment changes. This general physical conditioning will encourage your maximum performance enhancement.
Mat Work
  • Mat Classes are a great way for beginners to start their Pilates journey.
  • We offer classes covering fundamentals (basics) to advanced Pilates levels.
  • Mat Classes are offered multiple times per week for your convenience.
  • Class sizes are kept small to ensure we are able to work closely with individuals during the session.

Apparatus Work (Equipment)
  • Uses both the traditional Pilates reformer and chair equipment to deliver a well balanced work out
  • Group Apparatus Classes: Group classes have a teaching element, as well as a supervised personal workout.
  • Private/Semi-Private: Designed for your specific needs, and those requiring structural integration or modified work -see below.
  • Open Gym: These classes have NO teaching element. We designed them for a supervised personal workout.

Private Sessions
  • As individual physiques vary, so will individual responses. As you progress, your program will evolve according to individual requirements.
  • Every 2-3 months we will review your program. At that point we will discuss any current physical concerns or new goals you may have.
  • Please keep us informed of any changes to your physical status (e.g. illness, injury or pregnancy). These may affect your ability to perform your exercise program.

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