I love Saskatoon Pilates for several reasons but mainly how it has improved my strength, mobility, and balance. It has helped me in every area of my life – work and play allowing me mobility without the former pain and stiffness that plagued me. Of course none of this would happen without the trained expert instructors at Saskatoon Pilates. I would highly recommend Pilates as your choice of fitness.

Betty Anne Latrace-Henderson, Saskatoon

Saskatoon Pilates fixed my back issues within 3 weeks of joining – Pilates is truly amazing with regards to strengthening the core – Kathy the owner is also truly amazing with regards to her experience – Doctors often recommend her to help fix back issues! That says alot – Thank-You Saskatoon Pilates!

Leanna Keyes, Saskatoon

I was recommended to Saskatoon Pilates Training studio by my family doctor, and I am so grateful as I really don’t know where I would be without Kathy…she has become a rock for me and I absolutely recommend Saskatoon Pilates to anyone and everyone! 

Casey, Saskatoon

They work with each client and specialize helping people in their 70’s to remain active! The classes are always fun , and Kathy has a phenomenal knowledge of anatomy..a true expert..I give them a 10/ 10. 

Sharon, Saskatoon