Specialty Classes

Specialty classes are offered by Saskatoon Pilates Centre during some sessions. Please check our Schedule to see what specialty classes are currently being offered.

Current Offerings

These courses are currently being offered by our studio, and can be found on our Schedule page.

TRX Suspension Training

Originated by Navy seals, this program builds strength, balance, flexibility and burns fat. You control how easy or hard you want to work. Whether you are a professional athlete or just want to get back into shape, the TRX will help you reach your fitness goal.

Pilates for 50+

A class designed for older beginners. Using the principles of Forever in Motion and the guidelines of Osteoporosis Canada Bone-Fit, this class focuses on alignment, balance, strength and flexibility.

Other Offerings

Therapeutic Ball Release Classes

Based on The Keller Method (TKM) and using dense balls, traction and body weight, learn a distinct and systematic rolling method to: elongate and free muscle, release fascia, free joint capsule restriction, separate muscle compartments and identify and release trigger points.

Stretch Classes

Using a contract/release (PNF) principle these classes follow the teachings of Kit Laughlin to fully stretch muscles and keep them long.

Pilates for Golf

A new program to help the serious golfer. This program will improve your swing and increase your drive, while keeping your back safe and your core strong.

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